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52 Weeks of Happy (27/52)

This week went by in a blur! As I write this I barely even remember what I did. But there are some highlights that immediately come to mind.  Here are some of the things that made me happy this week … Having my sister and her family come and stay with us last weekend. It […]

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52 Weeks of Happy (26/52)

There were some very special things happening here this week … My little man turned 3!! I can’t believe how the time flies. And my hubby and I are also celebrating our anniversary this week! My older kiddos finished school this week for the summer so we are officially on summer break … Yay! My brother […]

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52 Weeks of Happy (25/52)

This week seemed to fly by in a blur. The nice thing about this 52 Weeks of Happy project is that it actually makes me take a moment each week to look back and take inventory of my blessings. There is a highlight to my week that immediately comes to mind … some very good […]

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52 Weeks of Happy (24/52)

This has been a very fun week indeed! Since it was my birthday week I was spoiled with lots of fun treats and wishes. I turned 40 this week. I have to admit the number itself is freaking me out a little bit. But I can’t say that I am really upset about it … to be […]

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52 Weeks of Happy (23/52)

It has been another great week with so many things to be grateful for. Here are some of the things that made me happy this week … Having a relaxing child-free morning of shopping (Thanks, Mom G.!). Watching my daughter proudly perform in her school play. Getting to have a nice quiet visit with my […]

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52 Weeks of Happy (22/52)

What a wonderful week it’s been!  It started off with a long holiday weekend and lots of time with the family. And then because of the long weekend the rest of the week seemed to fly by. I almost forgot to do my happy post and there was so much to be happy about! Some […]

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52 Weeks of Happy (21/52)

Some of the highlights of my week include … spending some time taking care of the kitty that appeared on our back porch and now grateful that a family is fostering it hearing all the stories of strength and compassion coming out of Oklahoma this week and praying for their comfort proudly watching my daughter […]

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52 Weeks of Happy (20/52)

I have so many things to be happy about this week! If you follow along on Instagram you probably saw all my pictures from my weekend getaway with my mom and sister. It was so nice to get away and have some grown up, uninterrupted time with two of my favorite ladies! We went to the […]

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52 Weeks of Happy (19/52)

Some things that made me happy this week include … Teaching my daughter to crochet and the lovely chain bracelet she made for me … which I am still wearing and makes me smile every time I look at it. Movie night with my girls … we watched “My Sister’s Keeper” and cried and cried. Staying inside […]

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