Needle Felted Easter Eggs {Photo Tutorial}

Needle Felted Easter Eggs {Photo Tutorial}

You may have guessed that my Easter crafting would not have been complete without a needle felting project! I just couldn’t resist making some tiny needle felted Easter eggs to fit in this plastic carton my kids had left over from their treats last year.  And of course I took some photos so I could share the step-by-step with you …

Needle Felted Easter Eggs

Needle Felted Easter Eggs Tutorial}
Here’s what you will need:

  •  a 36- or 38-gauge felting needle
  • foam pad
  • wool roving in pretty Easter colors
  • scissors
  • mini egg carton like the one here (<- affiliate link)

For a refresher on needle felting and needle felting techniques, you can always refer back to my Needle Felting 101 post here.

To make the eggs, grab a small amount of wool roving and roll it in your palms a little bit to form a ball. Then needle the wool into an egg shape (but not too firm because we want to be able to decorate it).

Needle Felting Tutorial

Once you have the shape you want, grab a little wisp of another color and decorate your egg. Just use the needle to poke the wisp into the design you like. 

How to Needle Felt

 Go crazy … think stripes, or waves, or polka dots, or letters!


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