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Crochet Tutorial: The Invisible Join and Fasten Off

The “Invisible Join,” or “Invisible Fasten Off,” is by far my favorite little crochet trick. It looks just like a stitch, so it’s virtually impossible to tell where the final join and fasten off was made. Can you tell where the join is in this photo? Here’s how to do it: After the last stitch […]

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Best Crochet Tutorials on the Web

There are so many neat crochet tips and tricks that I want to share with you. But why create my own tutorials when some are so perfectly done already? Here are a few of my favorite crochet tutorials from the web. These will literally change the way you crochet! Seamless Color Changes Changing colors … […]

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Learn to Crochet: Lesson 4 – What Is Gauge?

We continue our Learn to Crochet series today with learning about gauge … You picked out a great pattern, chose some beautiful yarn, and are all ready to start your project.  But what is this about gauge? Do you really need to work up a swatch to check your gauge? Well … if the pattern is […]

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Learn to Crochet: Lesson 1 – Hook and Yarn Basics

WARNING – MAY INCITE ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR! I am so excited that you want to learn to crochet!! But I warn you now … it is addictive.  I love everything about crocheting … the different hooks, the feel of the yarn, and the challenge of a new project.  It is the perfect hobby because you don’t need […]

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Learn to Crochet: Lesson 2 – Getting Started

Now that we have covered the basics about hooks and yarn in Learn to Crochet — Lesson 1, it’s time to get into some basics stitches.  This is the fun part!!! For a complete list of abbreviations and symbols, please refer to the Crochet Tutorials and Resources tab above.  I will also include the stitch […]

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