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Easy Halloween Yarn Craft

These little ghosts are a super easy yarn craft and also great for crafting with the kids! They work up super quick too and will be ready to hang and haunt your home in no time. Essentially, they are just tassels with some craft eyes. If you don’t have a tassel maker already, you can purchase one […]

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pom pom topiary-4

Pom Pom Topiary

A little while back I shared this fun pom pom topiary on my friend Kadie’s blog over at Seven Alive as part of her Kids Craft Week, and I love it so much that I thought I would share it with you all here too! It is such a fun yarnie project to make. It’s quick […]

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How to Make Stitch Markers

I have such a wonderful surprise for you today … one of my bloggy best friends is here to share with us how to make stitch markers (yeah!).  If you have not yet visited Adrianne’s blog, Happy Hour Projects, you are really missing out! She shares so many amazing ideas and covers such a large range of topics from sewing […]

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Crocheted Security Squares to Ease Bedtime Fears

When my daughters were little, they were afraid to sleep by themselves and needed a lot of convincing to stay  in bed without me. I thought it might help if they had a little security blanket of sorts, so I crocheted up an extra large granny square for each of them to sleep with.I let […]

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crochet flip flops

Crochet Flip Flops Tutorial with Flower Pattern

Dress up your flip flops with this quick and easy crochet flip flops tutorial.  All you need is a pair of plain flip flops, some leftover yarn from your scrap pile, and your hook … okay, and maybe a tapestry needle, too!  Crochet Flip Flops Tutorial with Flower Pattern Here’s what you need: a pair […]

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