Easy Yarn Loop Scarf

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Easy Yarn Loop Scarf | www.petalstopicots.com | #yarn #crafts #DIY #scarf

This yarn loop scarf is a super cute and cozy accessory and perfect for gifting (think holiday gifts)! All you need is one skein of chunky yarn (I used Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Yarn for this) and a pair of scissors … no special knit, crochet, or sewing skills required! Seriously, if you can make a circle, you’re pretty much done. You can also make this scarf with a pretty ribbon yarn like I did in this tutorial here. Ready to start?

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To begin, unwind your yarn and start forming it into a circle. The circumference of your circle is really dependent on your personal style and how long you like your scarves to be. Keep wrapping the yarn around until you like the fullness. Cut the yarn and  knot your two ends together. Working over the area you just knotted, take the yarn and start wrapping it through the center of your scarf and around the outside. Keep wrapping until you cover a section of about 3 to 4 in. wide or as you desire. Again, knot the two ends together and tuck them inside the area you just wrapped.

Easy Yarn Loop Scarf | www.petalstopicots.com | #yarn #crafts #DIY #scarf

 Violà! You’re done. Easy peasy, right?!

Easy Yarn Loop Scarf | www.petalstopicots.com | #yarn #crafts #DIY #scarf

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  1. Cheyanne December 7, 2015 at 2:04 pm #

    LOVE IT!

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