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How to Weave Placemats on a Loom

I haven’t used a loom to weave since I was a kid and forgot how much fun it is! I thought some placemats would be a nice idea so played around and LOVE how they came out! And of course I wanted to share the “how to” with all my yarn-loving friends … How to Weave Placemats on […]

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wire loom flower

Wire Loom Flower

Since I have been having so much fun making crochet jewelry from wire (you can see all the jewelry here), I thought it would be fun to see how it would work as a loom flower. I think I am going to attach a pin backing to it to use a broach. Make Your Own Wire […]

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How to Make Loom Flowers

Last week I shared with you the templates to make these pretty loom flowers, and this week I am going to show how to use the looms to make them.  If you missed the post with the templates, you can click here to see the post and download them.To start, insert the tail end of […]

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Flower Loom Templates

Flower Loom Template

These pretty loom flowers are so quick and simple to whip up! All you need is a round flower loom, some leftover balls of yarn, and a tapestry needle. Now, I can’t help you with the yarn or needle part but I can help you make the loom. I created a template that you can […]

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